Babynames: which ones are most popular where you live?

Official new statistics reveal that the most popular baby names in England don't top the lists in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


Harry and Amelia may be the most popular babynames in England but that’s not the case in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Official new statistics show that the different countries of the United Kingdom have quite different top babyname lists.

While Harry comes top of the list for most popular boy’s name in England in 2012, according to new ONS statistics, Jack is the most popular choice for boy babies in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and Welsh parents are most likely to plump for Jacob.

When it comes to the girls, there’s a bit of an English-Welsh alliance, with Amelia coming top in both England and Wales, while the Scots and the Northern Irish both agree on propelling Sophie to the number-one spot.

What babynames seem to be the most popular where you live? And are they the same and the ones in the ONS stats? Please do tell us by posting a Comment in the box below.

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