Barista tells pregnant woman she can’t buy a coffee

Woman is left with 'mum guilt' as she's flatly denied coffee by a stranger


There’s nothing like being pregnant for the whole world to decide they can take ownership of a woman’s body, is there?


Whether it’s people thinking they can touch your bump or comment on what you eat – it seems par for the course that if you’re out and about with a bump you’re prone to tuts and shaking heads if you’re not careful about every little thing you do.

So what do you make of this story? Alexandra Smith, a writer for Australian news site Sunday Morning Herald, has shared how she was refused coffee from a barista serving drinks at her local cafe because she was pregnant (27 weeks to be precise, though he wouldn’t necessarily have known that, of course.)

On asking for a coffee, the server pointed at Alexandra’s belly (by the way – it’s her third pregnancy) and said: “No, no caffeine for you.”

Smith admits she actually thought she’d misheard the guy. But no – he’d flat out refused her.

What happened next?

“Eventually we, or rather he, agreed that my options were a decaffeinated coffee, which frankly wasn’t going to cut it, or a flat white so weak my three-old would have mistaken it for a cup of frothed milk best known as a babyccino,” says Smith.

“Of course, I should have protested or simply walked off, but I can only assume I was wracked by mother guilt. My decision to inflict caffeine on my unborn child had been criticised by a stranger.”

This story got us pretty mad at MFM HQ – and one of our team admitted experiencing a similar thing when she asked for a cheese and ham crepe without spinach while heavily pregnant.

“The server glanced at my bump and said in a surprised tone, ‘No spinach? But that’s the healthy bit,'” she says. “So I had the spinach. And I don’t even like spinach!” Grrrr.

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