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Bear Grylls’ 7-year-old son saves girl’s life

TV presenter and adventurer reveals his son’s a hero

Bear Grylls has revealed his son Jesse is a little hero. This proud thrill-seeker dad casually dropped into an interview with the Daily Mail that the 7-year-old has already saved a girl’s life!


“They were in a little base in a stream and she fell in,” Bear explained. “And – I wasn’t there, you know, and the story grows and grows every time he tells me – but he did rescue her and he was proud as punch to have dragged her out.”

But then, that’s what you’d expect from a boy who’s dad happily abseils down ravines and fashions campsites out of reeds. But Bear is worried his TV series may not be the best example to set Jesse and his brothers, Marmaduke, 5, and Huckleberry, 4.

“For a long time, I never wanted them to be too aware of what I do,” Bear explained. “I relaxed that when all their friends were talking about me in the playground, and they were the only ones not to have seen the programme.”

“Do I want them to grow up to be me?” he pondered. “No actually. I’m unemployable in the real world. I don’t want this for them.”

So despite Jesse already revealing a courageous spirit, Bear wouldn’t mind if his boys went into something a little more save, like accountancy. “I think that might be better all round,” he said.

However, Bear's not about to change his ways - a new series of Born Survivor is out later this year.

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