Billie Faiers only gave birth to baby Nelly 5 weeks ago – but she insists being a mum “comes really naturally”.


We caught up with The Only Way Is Essex star when she popped into MFM HQ for the launch of the Fisher-Price Discover your Way Campaign and the results of our big Play survey.

Billie said that motherhood has come really naturally to her.

"As a mum, it comes so natural, you have all these worries when you’re pregnant as a first time mum – but it does come really naturally," she said.

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"Their cry is their only form of communication when they’re that young, so I know her hungry cry, and her cry if she’s really tired and sometimes she’ll just let out a big cry and go straight to sleep…

"You just know the different cries, so that’s been a massive thing that I’ve learnt, that I never thought would make sense."

Billie says her favourite part of being a mum so far is "just spending time with her every day and getting to know her".

But her first few weeks as a mum hasn’t come without its mishaps.

"I actually picked her up the other day just before I was about to put her in the bath so I took her nappy off of her. And as I picked her up for that split second, she weed all over me and completely covered me, it was really funny," she said.

The mum, who’s engaged to Nelly’s dad Greg Shepherd, says her fiancé’s been "really hands on".

"He’s actually surprised me," she said. "At first, he was a little bit nervous holding her but now he’s really good. He does one of the night feeds, which even just doing one, really helps me out and makes that difference."

And the 24-year-old insists the night-time feeds are the only time she feels a bit bleary-eyed.

"In the daytime, once I’m up, I’m alright," she said. "I sort of have a little dip in the afternoon when I feel a bit tired but if I’m at home I’ll just lay down on the sofa with Nelly and have a little cuddle."

Billie and Nelly will be testing a range of Fisher-Price products and toys as Nelly grows from newborn to toddler as part of the Fisher-Price Discover Your Way campaign.

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