Fans have warned Binky Felstead against eating peanut butter chocolate during her pregnancy.


Her latest Instagram ad for Cadbury’s unintentionally caused a bit of a stir - after many of her followers were unsure whether or not it is safe to eat peanuts while you’re expecting.

The furore started when the 26-year-old Made In Chelsea regular simply posed with a couple of mint and peanut butter chocolate bars, writing:

"If anyone needs me, I'll be here deciding whether i love@CadburyUK Dairy Milk Oreo Peanut Butter or Mint flavour better.#cadburydairymilk #freethejoy #oreo #ad ?”

And quickly the questions came pouring in...

"No peanuts whilst preggars, well that was a few years ago, might have changed now ? not sure” said one.

"Maybe not peanut butter? Can you eat peanuts when pregnant I'm not sure x” another added.

And then there was a bit of backlash against pregnant Binky enjoying a few squares of Dairy Milk...

One commenter even advised: “Try some dairy free chocolate instead, it's better for u and the lil one!???”

"Chocolate whilst pregnant? Who do you think you are?” wrote another.

So, can you eat peanuts while pregnant?

While we’re sure many of these queries were coming from a good place, you definitely CAN eat peanuts while pregnant.

The NHS and numerous experts explain that it is totally fine to eat peanuts, as long as you yourself do not have an existing peanut allergy.

By extension, it IS perfectly OK to eat peanut butter, and in Binky’s case, peanut butter chocolate.

The old advice - which said peanuts were to be avoided by mums-to-be with a history of allergies in the family - was changed in 2009.

The government changed this advice because research found there to be no clear evidence of peanut consumption during pregnancy affecting the chances of a baby developing peanut allergy.

Is chocolate safe to eat during pregnancy, too?

Fellow Dairy Milk fans, please feel reassured!

According to numerous experts, chocolate is perfectly OK to eat during pregnancy - so long as you don’t overindulge!

In fact, some experts say a little bit can even be beneficial, as research conducted in 2015 suggested that eating a small amount can help relieve stress.

So, in summary...

Peanuts are fine, chocolate is fine and yes, peanut butter chocolate is fine. Enjoy, Binky ?

Images: Instagram/Binky Felstead

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