Birds flock together to create big baby in the sky

Incredible crawling baby image made up of thousands of starlings in Somerset


Is it a bird? Is a plane? No it’s a giant crawling baby made up of a huge flock of starling birds!


Spotted in Taunton, Somerset by delighted bird watchers, the clear outline of a baby on the go was captured by local photographer Mike Acreman.

The swooping birds covered the skies of Somerset in their thousands, creating all sorts of shapes such as a seal, a sea turtle and even a giant starling itself. The starlings fly en masse to deter predators, swooping and diving together at 20mph.


“Just as fish swim in shoals for safety, starlings flock to confuse predators. By bunching tightly and swirling and squawking furiously, they’ll confuse and alarm any predator,” Dr Andre Farrar, of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, explained.

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