WARNING: There are some pretty graphic images further down this page


When we recently saw a story about a dad wolfing down his newborn's placenta like a hearty steak, we pretty much assumed it was a one-off.

But no, new dads filming themselves tucking into placenta seems to be becoming a thing - a trend. Seriously??? ?

And forget turning it into a smoothie or popping it in pill form - these dads are putting it on a plate and grabbing a knife and fork to eat it.

Aaron Curtis, an Australian bodybuilder, filmed himself eating the placenta and uploaded the video to YouTube saying:

"With the birth of my first child, I thought I would consume the organ that provided her with life during the pregnancy, in the hope of making some gains."


He also shared it on his Facebook page where the comments came thick and fast.

"It's a piece of nutritious clean protein. No harm done," said one fan.

"I have to say it's a little disgusting ? " said another.

And finally - "Just don't....it's just wrong..."

Now, we know there's loads of nutritional goodness in placenta and plenty of people, including celebs like Kim Kardashian West have eaten theirs - but usually as handy tablets, not dished up on a plate.

And we do wonder if the baby mamma might have liked some for herself to get back some nutrients after having just given birth? Hmmmm....

Plenty of food for thought (excuse the pun) ...we do hope you weren't reading this at breakfast ?

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