Boy crashes bike into moving bus – and survives!

5-year-old dubbed ‘Miracle Boy’ after surviving crash without a scratch


A 5-year-old boy who crashed his bike into a moving bus has survived unscathed.


Cain Byrne, 5, pedalled out into the road near his house in Sheffield, and crashed his bike head-first into a moving bus. He then bounced off the bus and landed clear out of harm’s way.

As hospital staff frantically examined him after the incident, they were amazed to discover he didn’t have a scratch on him, let alone a broken bone.

Cain’s dad, Roger, said it was a miracle his little boy survived. “He is a really lively, brilliant kid, he was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt but there wasn’t even a cut or a bruise on his arms or legs.”

Describing the moment he was told about Cain’s accident, Roger said: “Cain had only been gone five minutes on his bike and my wife and I were sitting inside the house when a woman came up the drive screaming, saying he had been hit by a bus. We were in absolute shock.”


Cain was kept in hospital overnight after suffering dizzy spells, but apart from that, the lucky lad is in tip-top condition.


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