Boy suspended for ‘crisp dealing’ in school

Pupil breaks school’s junk food ban following dad’s example


A schoolboy has been suspended for ‘crisp dealing’ at a school which has banned unhealthy drinks and snacks. 11-year-old Joel Bradley was allegedly caught selling a packet of crisps for a marked-up price of 50p. He was suspended for a day from Liverpool’s Cardinal Heenan High School because it was the second time he’d been caught.


Dad Joe said his son had been “victimised” for an enterprise that could earn him as much as £15 a day. “I think the school made a beeline for him because of what I’ve done,” he said. Joe admitted he’d been caught selling canned drinks, chocolate bars and crisps from a van outside the school after the local shop closed.

Headteacher Dave Forshaw said, “We’re a healthy school and proud of it. If parents aren’t happy then they are perfectly free to take their children to a school that allows pupils to sell these things.”


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