Bra boss Michelle Mone calls police after footballer’s toddler left in freezing car

Owner of lingerie company spotted child left alone in Celtic player's parked car

Ultimo bra creator Michelle Mone was involved in a heated showdown in a Scottish car park after she called the police when she spotted a toddler left along in a car in freezing temperatures of minus 7 degrees.


The businesswoman raised the alarm amid fears for the child’s safety after temperatures plummented in the car park of Costco in Glasgow. She then parked in front of the car, so the owners would have to stay until the police arrived.The child’s parents turned out to be Celtic footballer Charlie Mulgrew, who was apparently “astonished” after Michelle had called the police.

“Waiting at car as mother has left her baby in car for an hour at -7, called police and might smash window. Nut case,” Michelle tweeted during the drama, according to The Sun.

The child’s parents were allegedly angry that Michelle called the police. The 2-year-old was examined and was deemed to be OK.

“Baby safe and well, shame the parents were angry with me but I felt I only did the right thing for the baby as it was minus seven, ” Michelle said.


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