Breastfeeding: the honest reality

Candid pics reveal what real women look like when breastfeeding



Tired of glossy, perfect images of breastfeeding that look unrealistic? Photographer Stacie Turner was. The mother of 7-year-old twins decided to use art to tune out “idealised” and “posed” breastfeeding photos.


Turner called the series “Breastfeeding in real life”. She described it as “part of a conscious attempt to normalise breastfeeding”. But, she adds, “I think it’s important to celebrate women as they feed their babies no matter whether they go with formula or breastmilk or a combination.”

Taking images of nursing mothers, she wanted to make sure to capture the real experience. Many of the women who appear in the pics are her clients.

She nursed her own twins until they turned three. “I had healthy babies, a body that made milk with no problem – heck, I built supply on a pump and not that many people can do that.

“AND I didn’t have to go back into a job where I was pumping on break.”

One of her favourite images from her collection is entitled “half naked and covered in children”. She told the Huffington Post: “My dear friend Heidi [was] sitting on the ground in the park with one kid pulled off the nipple looking around, a second flailing in full tantrum mode on her lap and a third looking on. I think it’s so representative of the chaos of being out with multiple small children and trying to keep everyone reasonably contained.”

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