Britain’s oldest dad has baby at 74

Pensioner proves he’s not past his prime after birth of son


Gerry Burks, who turns 75 tomorrow, has become Britain’s oldest dad after the birth of his baby boy, Ryan.


The Lincolnshire dad is married to 41-year-old, Dawn, nearly 35 years his junior, who gave birth to 5lb 7oz Ryan by caesarean. The couple has another son, 6-year-old Daniel.

Mr Burks puts his youthful virility down to his passion for bananas.

“I eat lots of bananas and always have done – sometimes a couple a day,” Mr Burks told The Sun. “I don’t eat much salt and have home-cooked food.

“But I think the love of a good woman, my Dawn, has a lot to do with it, too,” he adds. “We do everything together and our love life is superb.”


The world’s oldest dad is Indian Nanu Ram Jogi, who had a child when he was 90.

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