British children considered ‘independent’ at the age of 12

A study found that parents think their children are mature at 12 and would let them stay home alone


Parents were asked at what age their child was considered independent enough to look after siblings or walk to school on their own. The majority said the age of 12.


The study by also asked parents what the top five new responsibilities they’d give their 12-year-old would be. These were:

  1. Stay home on their own
  2. Look after their younger siblings on their own
  3. Cooking
  4. Walk/get to school on their own
  5. Go to the shop on their own

1,355 parents were questioned and independence was defined as “the ability to act responsibly without guidance or superior authority”.


What do you think? At what age would you trust your child to stay at home on their own, or walk to the shops on their own?

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