British woman gives birth on New York street

Mum-to-be goes into labour, tries to get to hospital but has her cab 'stolen' by another woman


A British mum has given birth on a New York street after trying – and failing – to hail a cab while in labour.


Polly McCourt, 39, went into labour in her Manhattan apartment and dashed downstairs to hail a cab with the help of her doorman.

By the time Polly had successfully hailed a ride, the baby’s head was showing – but then another woman got into her taxi!

“The doorman was trying desperately to hail a cab,” Polly said, sccording to the Metro, “and a lady walked out five metres in front of him and hailed a cab and got into it. I went: ‘That’s my cab, I want that cab!'”

Left without her ride to the hospital, Polly then had no option but to give birth on the pavement, with help from passers-by and her doorman.

Her husband Cian McCourt, 40, was stuck in traffic when Polly went into labour and arrived just after she gave birth to their healthy daughter.

The whole thing was caught on camera by a passing news crew, and mum and baby were kept warm with coats and scarves until an ambulance arrived.

Polly named her girl Ila Isabella McCouth. The middle name, Isabella, was chosen in honour of the woman who helped Polly through her surprise pavement labour.

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