Brooklyn Beckham took to Instagram to celebrate reaching 1 million followers – but his dad David videobombed him! While he's in the middle of sharing with fans his joy at reaching the million milestone, David pokes his head into shot to say: "I've got 52!"


After being upstaged by his dad, Brooklyn looks down and mumbles at the camera.

"Reached 1 million followers on my mums birthday. Thank u guys so much #ismydadcoolerthanme," Brooklyn commented when he posted up his Instagram vid.


Brooklyn's tattoo envy

Last weekend, Brooklyn wore a temporary tattoo on his arm while at Coachella music festival in California. And apparently he's coveting the real thing – just like his dad – when he's old enough.

"Brooklyn would love to get some body art like his dad when he’s old enough," reports a 'source' saying. "He thinks his dad’s look cool. He’s currently been putting temporary tattoos on his arms and loves them as fashion accessories. But one day, he wants the real thing and would love to get a full arm sleeve like David."

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Both Brooklyn's dad and his mum Victoria Beckham, 41, have had various ink done over the years. But while their son clearly thinks his parents' tattoos are coo, he probably wasn't too happy when David told dished the embarrassing dirt about his 1st date on the Late Late Show on March 30.

David told the chat-show host James Corden that he accompanied his son on his 1st date because Victoria told him to. "It was when he was about 14 and a half," said David. "It was Valentine’s Day, and he was like, 'I would love to take this girl for dinner. I was like, 'Great, OK', and Victoria was like, 'Really?' She said, 'OK, make sure you take him and then make sure you sit in the restaurant.

"I was like, ‘Really? You’re gonna make me do that? She said, 'Yep. That’s the only way I’m going to let him go.'

"So we took him to a small sushi restaurant and he sat at the sushi bar and I sat about 5 tables back."


Photos: Instagram / Brooklyn Beckham and Getty

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