The mums in the office nodded - in fact positively shuddered - when we read about the plight of actress Busy Philipps this morning.


The Dawson's Creek star recalled on an Instagram story the moment she realised she'd left 9-year-old daughter Birdie's favourite cuddly toys in Hawaii after a family holiday ?

"Guys, I ended our wonderful family vacation with a total parental fail," Philipps said through tears.

"Birdie's favourite, bear, Radar, and her other bear, Flat Bear, were left."

The fact the snugglies of her other daughter, 4-year-old Cricket, made it home didn't really help, either.

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"But it doesn't make anything better that of course, like, all of Cricket's animals made it back," she said with heavy sobs. "I just feel like such an a**hole.

"I know it's just a mistake and these things happen. But it's like, you know, f**k, it's like the worst when you're a parent and it's like your responsibility to keep everything straight and... she just was so heartbroken."

Setting herself to work to get the bears back paid off - and Busy was delighted to share in an update that after a call-out, Radar was located. Hurrah!

A family friend still in Hawaii found him in the hotel's laundry room - and took him home to LA on their return flight. She even got the plane's captain to pose with him ?

radar on plane

The search is still on for Flat Bear though - we're guessing he's doing the hula somewhere waiting to get snapped up and whisked home to his loving owner. Here's hoping ?

What do you think?

Have you ever mislaid one of your little one's fave toys? Were they distraught?

Or perhaps you have tactics to make sure it doesn't happen - like not letting you children take their favourites out of the house, or keeping doubles just in case?

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Images: Busy Philipps on Instagram

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