Café drops corkage fee for baby food

A popular café in Bath has dropped a corkage fee for parents who want to bring in their own baby food


A café in Bath, owned by rugby players Lee Mears and Matt Stevens, has dropped a corkage fee that saw outraged parents charged £1.40 to open any baby food brought in from off-premises. The café serves its own organic baby food for the same £1.40 price.


“I asked one of the staff why this has happened and they feel that some mums take advantage of the highchairs and changing facilities they offer for free.

The other alternative is to buy from their limited selection of baby food,” one annoyed mum wrote on an online forum.

“That’s outrageous. I used to go there all the time with my little one before I went back to work. Mums are their main client base – I think it’s disgusting,” another outraged parent said.

The fee has now been dropped by the café, Jika Jika.

“We introduced our children’s menu at the start of the year, including organic baby food. Rather than excluding homemade food completely from our premises, we introduced the surcharge to enable parents to feed their children something homemade in our cafe. Since this was clearly a wrong move for many, we are happy to withdraw the surcharge from the children’s menu, which we will be reviewing,” said Jika Jika’s manager, Paul Whitehead.

Any money taken to date will be given to the NSPCC by the café.

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