Call the Midwife star reveals baby-crying trick

Jessica Raine, star of hit BBC show Call the Midwife, says she felt bad about upsetting babies on purpose


Jessica Raine, star of BBC’s popular drama Call the Midwife, has said she felt ‘guilty’ at making babies cry when filming the series. 


“They were always sleepy and in the scenes where they had just been born we needed them to cry so I had to blow on their face – I felt evil,” Jessica told Radio Times magazine.

Jessica, who played the character of midwife Jenny Lee, described it as her worst screen moment. “I feel very guilty…” she said.

But, the show was clearly doing something right pulling in a mammoth 11.4million viewers for the final episode and securing a second series. It certainly got the MFM Twitter account buzzing with all of your (and our!) praise for the show.

While real babies were used during filming a spokesman for the BBC said, “Throughout filming there was a consultant midwife on set to ensure medical accuracy and good care was taken, plus all the babies involved had their mothers on set at all times,” the Daily Mail reports.

There are also tight rules that mean babies can only be filming for 20 minutes before having at least a half-hour break, reports the Daily Mail. The TV series also used dolls to rehearse birth scenes.

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