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Can placenta pills help ward off baby blues?

Mum has pills made out of her own placenta to stop postnatal depression

Most mums will dispose of their placenta after birth, but for others the nutritional benefits are too good to throw away. One North American mum decided to have pills created out of her dried placenta after hearing about its nutritional value.


Safire Naranjo had expected to feel tired and suffer mood swings after giving birth to her baby, but instead she says she feels happy and energetic. Safire believes this is all down to the placenta capsules.

“It was a shocking difference between the day I didn’t take the pill and the day I did take the pill,” Safire told CTV News. “As soon as I started taking them, I slept better, I felt less anxious. I felt in a better mood,” she said.

Many people believe that as the placenta produces oestrogen and progesterone, it can help restore levels of the pregnancy hormones that plummet after labour and birth.

Rean Cross is the birth coach who prepared Safire's placenta into pills for her, and she offers the service, which sees her boiling and drying your placenta, to others.

Despite the lack of research in this area, the practice of eating the placenta is one more and more mums are willing to try – are you one of them?

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