Farrah Abraham’s daughter got HOW MUCH from the tooth fairy?!

The Celebrity Big Brother star gives her 6-year-old an eye-watering amount of cash for losing her first tooth


In our house, you’d be lucky if the tooth fairy gives you 50p for a missing tooth. And a quick poll of the MFM office reveals £1 is the standard amount with £2 sometimes given for a first tooth and rumours of £5 notes being given in friends’ households.


So your eyes may water at how much Celebrity Big Brother‘s Farrah Abraham forked out for her daughter Sophia’s first tooth… £900. Yes, almost a grand!
So if the tooth fairy keeps that up, she’ll have dished out £18,000 by the time her 6-year-old has lost all 20 of her milk teeth.

And we’re not the only ones shocked by the mum’s extravagant gift.

“I was lucky to get 50p and a 10p mix up. Adopt me,” one fan tweeted.

“You’re gonna end up spoiling her rotten where nothing is good enough when she gets older..,” another added. But someone else pointed out that the money may be put aside for her daughter’s future. “Who knows maybe the money is going to her college fund,” they added.

How much does the tooth fairy give in your house? Let us know in the comments below.

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