Celeb mum Dannii Minogue talks baby weight

The gorgeous X Factor judge reveals that she's still trying to lose her post-baby pounds

When you think of Dannii Minogue and baby weight – the two don’t neccessarily come hand in hand as the gorgeous (and very svelte) X Factor judge and new mum looks lovely.


However, it looks like the 36-year-old won’t be tucking into Christmas pudding and mince pies this festive season, as she’s revealed that she’s still trying to shift her post-baby weight.

Despite only giving birth five months ago and has just wrapped up a season of the X Factor, Dannii is beating herself up about not losing the extra few pounds she gained whilst pregnant with her son Ethan.

“I definitely haven’t lost all of the pregnancy weight, because I haven’t been exercising much. I haven’t had the time or the energy,” reports Digital Spy. “I’ve only just started exercising. But running around burns calories and so does the no-sleep thing, that really burns calories.”

We think Dannii looks gorgeous post-pregnancy and is lovely the way she is!

Whilse it’s completely normal to gain weight during pregnancy, if you are determined to shift a few pounds post-pregnancy, follow our handy tips on how to get started.


However, don’t let it stop you tucking into your Christmas dinner eh?!

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