Celeb mum-of-two Charlotte Church misses her pregnancy bust

Charlotte Church’s favourite thing about being pregnant was her H-cup breasts

Newly single singer Charlotte Church, has been discussing the joys of pregnancy with Love magazine this month. Top of the list were her huge pregnancy breasts that ballooned to an H-cup while she was pregnant with her two children by Rugby ace, Gavin Henson.


According to Charlotte, “When I was having babies, I had the biggest boobs in the world, ever. I went up as far as an H cup. I loved them when they were massive. Two little baldy men down there? Brilliant!”

Charlotte and Gavin broke up earlier this year, reportedly for the sake of their children and Charl is now preparing for a career comeback with her new album. She won’t be doing a Sinead O’Connor though. “A shaved head? Mine’s not a bad shape but my ears are pure Prince Charles,” she said.


Pregnancy can bring on lots of changes in your body, particularly your breasts. Find out what to expect from your pregnancy bust! And check out our favourite selections of maternity lingerie.

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