Brad Pitt

Easy rider Brad Pitt has reportedly added a Suzuki DRZ-125 to his motorbike collection - as a gift to his 11-year-old son Maddox.


Speaking to The Sun newspaper, a source revealed that the Hollywood hunk wants Maddox to share in his own two-wheeled obsession and has even built a motocross trail on the French estate he shares with fiancée Angelina Jolie.

As you would expect from a pre-teenage boy, Maddox was reportedly thrilled with the gift."Brad took him in the garage and there was a bike with a bow on it. Maddox was over the moon", said the source.

While not many 11-year-olds can boast of having a Suzuki in the garage, this is not the most unusual gift to be bestowed on a celebrity child. Read on for a round up of our favourite wacky presents given to the kids of the rich and famous...

Look who's walking!

Rachel Zoe

Couture clotheshorse Rachel Zoe has wasted no time in dressing her baby boy Skyler in dainty designer clothes. When the pampered tot was a mere four months old he was already the proud owner of 22 pairs of shoes, $277 Hermes boots and an eye-wateringly expensive £1,160 Gucci bomber jacket.

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Will Beyonce ever tell us the truth??


Most mothers think their baby's natural smell is unbeatable, but glamorous mum Beyonce has reportedly gone one step further to ensure baby Blue Ivy is always fragrant and fresh.

The blingin' singer has reportedly created a personalised scent for little Blue to wear on special occasions - let's hope she steered clear of any hints of poison ivy when naming the fragrance!

Singer Pink


We know that musical genius can begin at a young age - but when Pink tweeted these cute snaps of baby Willow Sage playing a mini piano in her nappy, even we were surprised!

The singer must have given her daughter the wooden classical instrument to ignite her musical promise, and when you're as talented as she appears to be, why bother starting with the recorder?

Mariah Carey nearly gives birth but not quite!

Mariah Carey

Never to be outdone in the bling stakes, Mariah Carey and husband Nick Cannon filled their twin babies' nursery with generous presents before they were even born.


The regal room was decorated in typically lavish style for Moroccan and Monroe's arrival, but our favourite pre-birthday gift has to be a towering stuffed giraffe looming over the twins' cribs - surely the stuff of childhood nightmares?