Celebrity LEGO fan club gets a new member…

Britney Spears joins David Beckham in her love of making LEGO.


Britney Spears has joined the celebrity LEGO bandwagon as she revealed she likes to build LEGO with her kids in her spare time.


 Yesterday, the mum-of-two posted a pic on Twitter of an impressive LEGO helicopter. The model looks so good, we’re wondering whether she had a helping hand or two!

“Oh & look at my new hobby my children have given me – my new past time pleasure is building legos,” Britney tweeted.

Britney’s new hobby reminds us of a certain footballer. David Beckham admitted last year that while recovering with an injury, he passed the time by building a 5, 922 piece LEGO set.

“When I was in Milan with a lot of time on my hands I found online that there is a Taj Mahal LEGO set you can buy. So I bought it,” said the father-of-four at the time.

And as if all this LEGO buzz wasn’t enough, LEGO has built a 12 – metre high Christmas tree at St Pancras Internation station, London, made out of 600,000 LEGO bricks! Let’s see the celebs compete with that.

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