Celebrity parents and their potty mouths

Celebs who just can’t keep their new parent joy, or swearing, under wraps


No angel

Overwhelmed new parents are running out of words to express their delight at their newborns, so are turning to swear words instead. Most recently, new dad Robbie Williams joined the sofa line-up on Friday night’s The Graham Norton Show. After gushing that he’s in “new parent euphoria” and that daughter Theodora Rose is “amazing” he added, “Put it this way, she hasn’t p***ed me off yet.”


The F Factor

First time mum Snooki has been happily posting cute pics of son Lorenzo on Twitter. But, sharing her delight with thousands of fans may have got too exciting for the new mum, who posted, “My life. I f***ing love him so much”.


Double trouble

Pregnant Lily Allen isn’t one to hold back on Twitter, sharing leaky breast stories and incidents with wee sodden towels. When Ethel Mary started teething, Lily tweeted, “F**k teething”. Sometimes you just don’t need the whole 140 characters to make your point, do you?


Runaway baby

Singer Pink hit a mummy milestone when she realised her little girl Willow had learned to be mobile. Pink told Entertainment Tonight Canada, “You realise one day, Holy s**t, she’s running away from me!”


Careful Kourtney

Kourtney Kardashian has admitted she doesn’t like partner Scott Disick swearing around their children. After son Mason was born Kourtney said, “Scott and my sister Khloe are the ones with the worst mouths on them. They both try not to curse in front of Mason, but trust me, they do. Sooner than I know it, Mason will start talking and understanding what we are all saying,” Kourtney told Contactmusic.com


Angelic Adele

Adele may have caused a storm when she flashed a rather naughty sign at the 2012 Brit Awards, but it was a whole new story when she became an expectant mum. Adele was said to have stopped swearing during pregnancy so there were no bad vibes around her baby. We bargain there’s a lot of ‘fire trucks’ and ‘oh f…or goodness sake’s’ going on in that household!

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