Chef serves up cheese made from his wife’s breast milk

Restaurant in America warned by health officials over unusual menu


A chef in New York has been questioned by health officials after he offered his customers the chance to try a cheese dish made from his wife’s breast milk!


Daniel Angerer co-owns Klee Brasserie in Manhattan with his wife, Lori, and said he started experimenting with his wife’s breast milk in recipes after their small home freezer ran out of room to store all the milk she had expressed for their daughter.

He then posted the recipe, which includes four cups of milk, yoghurt, rennet and sea salt on his blog, calling it, Mother’s Milk Cheese, saying anyone that wanted to try it was most welcome as long as the supply lasted.

Daniel was then inundated with requests to try the dish, which he described as tasting like a sweet version of cow’s milk cheese.

But a few people were reluctant to try it, with Daniel now stating his canapé of breast milk cheese with figs and Hungarian pepper is not officially on the menu after he was warned by the city’s health department not to give it to customers.


For other breast milk recipes, check out Daniel’s website.


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