Cheryl offers Sir Chris Hoy her best toddler sleeping tip

The former Girls Aloud singer offers a handy hint while appearing on The One Show...


It’s not often you get parenting advice from a popstar.


But Sir Chris Hoy found himself in that very boat last night, when both he and Cheryl appeared on The One Show.

The 33-year-old singer – who’s been at the centre of a pregnancy speculation whirlwind as of late (ughhh give it a rest!) – stopped by the BBC evening show to promote her work for Childline.

But talk quickly turned to all things baby – or, more specifically, all things toddler, when Chris revealed that his 2-year-old son Callum still wasn’t sleeping through the night.

“The thought of a full night’s sleep would be amazing,” the Olympian admitted.

“He’s two and he still hasn’t slept through – but Cheryl’s gave me a good tip, lavender oil and a humidifier.”

Cheryl added: “Lavender helps you to sleep. And it’s peaceful, a nice aroma.”

Hmmm… interesting.

We haven’t personally tried out Cheryl’s tip ourselves, but we do know that it is considered OK to diffuse one or two drops of lavender oil around your children.

But make sure you’ve got the facts before trying anything similar – there is specific advice on how and when to use lavender around your little one.

Using essential oils during pregnancy can be a bit of a minefield, too, so it never hurts to check out our definitive guide, just to be safe. 

What do you reckon – have you tried Cheryl’s tip before? What’s your secret to getting your baby/toddler to have a good night’s sleep?

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