Child of divorced parents makes cartoon of his family story

The 9-year-old says he doesn’t feel like he lives in a ‘broken home’


It’s commonly though that divorce has a profound effect on children. But one little boy has set out to prove that it’s not all doom and gloom when marriage breaks down – as long as you “still have the same love from your parents”.


9-year-old Azka (with some parental guidance we exepct) has created a series of drawings about his family. “This is my Story, I’m almost 9 in a few days and I want to share my story as a Broken Home Kid. I hope this can inspire you all that everything is ok when the love is still there,” the description under the 3-minute cartoon clip on YouTube reads.

The video tells the story of how his parents met, had him and subsequently divorced. “Mom and dad start to argue on a lot of things, and it must be big enough to they decide to divorce,” he writes.

But he explains that he still spends a lot of time with both parents. “They never fight anymore, and we still go to malls and abroad together,” he says.

“When people ask me, do I want them to get back again, I said no. All I want is for them to be happy,” he says.

Watch the video in full below…

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