Children escape nursery to “fly to Africa”

Panic in Germany as three children escape nursery, bound for Africa


Three children, aged five and six, slipped out of kindergarten without their teacher noticing and sparked panic in Nuremburg, Germany, this week.


After being alerted, police immediately launched a search to track down the kids involving the fire brigade and a police helicopter.

Two hours later the missing children were found safe and sound. They told police they were planning to “fly to Africa”, but decided to make a “stopover at a toy store” first.


This is not the first time German kids have planned a getaway to Africa. Last January, two childhood sweethearts, aged six and seven, packed their bags and planned to tie the knot under the African sun, bringing one of their sisters along as a “witness”. Police spotted the kids wearing sunglasses and swimming armbands en route to the airport and returned the children to their worried parents.

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