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Children rebuild UK landmarks

The UK skyline has been given a makeover by children armed with LEGO

Meet Britain's future architects…

LEGO asked children how they'd re-interpret some of the country’s most well-known and iconic structures if they had the chance. The children used LEGO to create their architectural visions, and have come up with some innovative and boundary-pushing ideas…


The Gherkin to Guitar

The already modern-looking Gherkin - home to lawyers, insurers and bankers - was given a rock n roll makeover by children.


Big Ben to Big Robot

The traditional was ousted in favour of the techy and futuristic, with a robotic take on Big Ben.


Scottish Parliament to Loch Ness Building

The building that houses the Scottish Parliament is already controversial, but children thought something that could double as a tourist attraction would be more fun.


Blackpool Tower to Bucket and Spade Tower

Nothing says ‘seaside’ better than Blackpool, and kids felt it was important that the site of Blackpool Tower celebrated the British seaside.


Angel of the North to Monster on the Mount

Children re-invented the angelic protector of the North as a monster capable of scaring predators away.


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