Children starting school in nappies

School nurses are receiving special training as more and more children start school without potty training


An increasing number of parents are sending their children to primary school still in nappies. Some parents have made potty training a low priority because they are too busy, others are taking a relaxed approach and are happy to wait until their child is ready, say teachers.


“With primary schools, toilet-training is a real issue at the moment,” says Natasha Collins, education and training co-ordinator. “There is no hard and fast rule about potty training, parents can only do it when their child is ready.”

Some schools and nurseries refuse to accept children who are still in nappies but councils are now warning that they could be breaching the Disability and Discrimination Act.

In response, local authorities are launching nappy changing policies to establish new procedures while school staff are trained to deal with the situation.

MFM mums – what do you think? Should potty training be left to school staff or should parents take more responsibility?


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