Children who drink water do better at school

Give you child a bottle of water to boost their exam results, says study


Forget cramming for the SATS (OK, obviously study is still pretty essential too), get your children to drink more! That’s the new advice coming from the Natural Hydration Council, an organization that promotes natural bottled water. Its new study at a school in Bolton has revealed that a well-hydrated child is an exam-passing child.


The study, involving 166 children aged 11-12 found that drinking more water during school made children more alert and interested. The children were checked before taking part in the study to measure their attitudes towards learning and how bored, interested and calm they felt during the day.  Their urine colour and cognitive skills were also recorded.

Over the next two weeks, the children were given three 500ml bottles of water each day and their moods, brain function and urine colour were recorded again.

Results showed that increasing their water intake doubled the children’s interest in learning, significantly increased their brain function and made them feel an average of 30% more interested during class.

To boost your children’s brain power, study leader Dr Emma Derbyshire recommends:

  • Give your children 6-8 drinks each day. Water is ideal but milk, weak squash or watered down fruit juice are good options too
  • Swap that sugary drink in their lunchbox for a bottle of water
  • Encourage children to sip water throughout the day so they stay constantly hydrated rather than compensating after they are already dehydrated

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