Children who play the piano do better at school

Survey finds connection between piano playing and good GCSE results


A study of 2000 people has suggested there is a link between children playing the piano and getting good GCSE results.


When researchers for the study, commissioned by Casio and EMI Music Sound Foundation, looked at students who achieved 11 GCSE grades A-C, they found that more played the piano than didn’t.

As not that many of us have access to or play the piano regularly, the results suggest a link between piano playing and doing well in GCSE’s.

The findings come as a nationwide initiative is launched to get pianos into schools.  The scheme, launched by Casio and EMI is giving out 50 pianos to schools up and down the country to help children with a musical side enjoy their talents, and hopefully aid their education.

Fronted by classical music star and TV presenter, Myleene Klass, the initiative hopes to give children the best opportunity to develop their skills, as the mum of one explains.


“Schemes like this can give children who may not otherwise get the chance to engage with music in school the opportunity to, and this can only enhance their all round learning experience and build a good bank of talent we can rely on in the future.”

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