Children wrapped up in ‘cotton wool’ at school

Teachers claim that school health and safety rules are OTT


A survey of 600 teachers has revealed a number of bizarre rules that are being introduced in schools for ‘health and safety’ reasons.


In the study, teachers show just how far they have been instructed to go in some schools to avoid common injuries and scuffles that millions of us have encountered throughout our childhood years.

Indeed, kids today face military style rules from health and safety officers banning them from simple childhood activities such as running around the playground and even handling Blu Tack!

For example, some teachers thinking of introducing a Pritt Stick to an arts and crafts session are told to read a five page briefing note on the dangers before they proceed while others have been told not to hand over any Blu Tack unless the child is wearing protective goggles.

Some of the biggest ‘hazards’ apparently lurking in your child’s school sound completely bonkers. For example, in some schools…

  • Children are no longer sent to the corridor if they misbehave as it could cause a potential fire hazard
  • Girls are forbidden to wear plastic hairbands as they may cause injury to a child accidentally bumping into them
  • Empty egg boxes aren’t allowed due to risks of salmonella infecton
  • Pupils are barred from using shaving foam as art material in case they ‘drown’ in it


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