Child’s life saved by newborn’s donated organs

One grieving mum's decision to donate her newborn baby's organs has saved another child’s life


A mum’s decision to donate organs after the sad death of her newborn has saved the life of another child.


Baby Zachary passed away just 23 minutes after he was born. Despite this heartbreaking situation, mum Jade Awdry, 33, asked the midwife if there was anything she could do to help others.

“Jade had been holding Zachary for about one or two minutes when she asked the midwife if she could do something to help others,” said Zachary’s dad Keith Mitchell, 38.

“We received a letter about two weeks ago from the Organ Transplant Team telling us that one of Zachary’s valves had been used on a child with a genetic heart condition.

“This saved the child’s life, which was the best thing that could have happened in our situation.”

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