This has got to be the sweetest story we've come across in a VERY long time – get your hankies ready, because it's one heck of a tear-jerker.


Hannah, 4, spent her babyhood in a Chinese orphanage, before being adopted by an American couple - the Sykes - and taken to live in North Texas.

Among Hannah's possessions from the orphanage were some photos, and in every one, Hannah had the same playmate a little boy, whose hand she would often be keeping tight hold of.

Hannah's adoptive mum Sharon said that seeing all the pics put the little boy 'in her heart', and that she couldn't stop thinking about him.

Sharon did some detective work and found out that the boy was Hannah's best friend in the orphanage, and that the pair had been under weekend foster care with the same family, and referred to each other as brother and sister (sobs!)

Sharon and her husband were so touched by all this (and who wouldn't be) they posted on Facebook about it, and the Clarys, a couple close to their home who already had 3 young children (all under 3 - eek!), decided to investigate the possibility of adopting the little boy and bringing him home to live in Texas - and reuniting him with his little pal.

The Clarys named the 3-year-old boy Dawson, and, 11 months after they began the adoption process, they brought him home.

Dawson and Hannah were reunited as he landed at Dallas Fort Worth airport, and excitedly fell into each others arms, spinning around until they fell into a heap on the floor.

HOW cute is that?

Speaking to Eye Witness News, Amy Clary said the children were overwhelmed at seeing each other again.

"They must have hugged 400 times! They kept hugging and getting so giddy that they would fall over," she said.

“They had so little connection or consistency that they just had each other for those formative years,” Hannah's mum Sharon added.

Hannah and Dawson now live just 5 minutes away from each other and are once again the best of friends - what a truly amazing story - and what amazing people the Clarys and the Sykes are, too.

Pic: Sharon Cutcher Sykes/Facebook

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