What are mum friends for? Pulling on your leg on Instagram, of course!


It's something actress Brooklyn Decker, who's expecting her 2nd child with tennis star husband Andy Roddick, has had to learn the hard way ?

Nearing the end of her pregnancy journey, Brooklyn took to her page to share a photo that will look very familiar to many of us: a (very) swollen ankle!

"I don't even know where the leg ends and the foot begins anymore," she joked in the caption.

And pal Chrissy Teigen was quick to throw out a sarcastic retort, playing the role of a fellow mum intending to mum-shame Brooklyn...

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"Wow gross u need to see a doctor !!!! This isn’t normal. Did u eat tuna???? Pregnant women cannot consume more than 3 tunas per day," she joked in a slew of comments.

"Once ur foot gets a taste for the tuna it swells to reject the mercury. This is dangerous game u are playing #dangerous"

brooklyn decker

She added: "I have a blog if u wanna visit (and comment !) hppt://iamthesmartestmom.blogspot.vzw.blackberry.net/tuna"


Chrissy's dry sense of humour is totally spot on here, right?

We bet Brooklyn and so many other mums-to-be out there have had similarly judgy comments from fellow mums and strangers.

Even when it comes to well-known pregnancy side effects like swollen ankles, which we know are sometimes just part and parcel of the whole 'expecting' thing.

The one thing that didn't make us laugh, though? The faux *panic* tone of Chrissy's comment - purely because it screams of the very real panic these comments can invoke ?

Images: Instagram/Brooklyn Decker

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