Christmas day tantrum becomes YouTube hit!

Toddler throws a wobbly over his Christmas presents – and it's witnessed by 200,000 people


Getting ready to open his Christmas presents under the tree, a 3-year-old boy’s festive spirit was dampened when he opened his gifts – and it wasn’t what he was expecting.


The hilarious video clip posted by the boy’s dad on YouTube is a scene many parents will be familiar with, after the little boy threw a toddler tantrum after unwrapping his gifts.

Dressed in his snazzy PJs, the toddler is seen eagerly ripping the wrapping paper off his presents and then looking baffled. “Books?” he shouts, and then when his parents start giggling at his angry response, the tantrum goes into full throttle with him asking, “Books for Christmas? What the heck is that?”

The spoilt brat reaction has made the video clip an internet hit, with 222,880 people clicking to see him opening his presents. However, the boy’s dad has reacted to the spoilt brat comments posted by saying, “I think he felt tricked upon when he opened the books, plus the fact that we were laughing at his reaction kind of egged him on.”


Have you experienced a Christmas day toddler tantrum?


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