Pregnant singer Ciara is reported to be due within the next few weeks, and to mark the final stages of her pregnancy, she’s posed with her nearly-there nude bump for a gorgeous new photoshoot.


But one of the images has a caused a stir, with mixed reactions from her fans and even other celebs.

The 31 year old, who’s expecting her 2nd child (her 1st with husband Russell Wilson), posed for the photos for a spread in American magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

She then shared them on her Instagram page, where fans were quick to comment on the stunning shots.

(And, let’s be honest, she really does look amazing here ?)

But it was the photo of Ciara holding her 2-year-old son Future (who appears to be nude), with husband and Future’s stepdad Russell holding her bare bump from behind, that set things alight.

It seems the sticking point was the fact that toddler Future is nude, and appearing in the photo with stepdad Russell. Those unhappy with this weren’t afraid to make their opinions known.

"If a regular person did this it would be a problem but people are praising it because they are famous. It's not right! Baby Future isn't a baby anymore so why is his BUTT out?” wrote one.

"I'm usually all about 'to each their own'… but this is dysfunctional AND weird AND inappropriate,” chimed another.

"I wouldn't have the child naked in a photo shoot like this. Too many perverts in this world and I think it's disrespectful to Future's biological father unless she had his consent... Something like this should've just been the 2 of them without her son if she wanted to be semi-nude. Just my opinion,” added a commenter.

"Ciara is clearly doing this s*** for attention. This photo doesn't make a bit of sense - she has on draws, your husband's face is blocked off, but your son is butt ass naked."

Not all of Ciara’s fans felt uneasy or concerned looking at the emotional photograph.

"A husband embracing his world - literally holding it in his hands, supporting it with strength - yet at the same time letting his wife's beauty and strength as a woman and a mother shine. Work of art,” wrote one.

Another mused: "It's like people [in the comments] have never seen real love and affection within families.”

The storm of controversy raged on, when Destiny's Child singer and Ciara's friend Kelly Rowland was accused of 'liking' one of the negative responses on Instagram.

She quickly revealed, however, that it had been an accident. (Who hasn't liked something on Instagram by mistake?)

She quickly shared the pic on her own feed, and wrote alongside it:

"This pic of my dear friend and her beautiful family makes my heart smile.

"I can't believe how anyone would actually think I would 'like' a negative comment about a woman I look at as a great Mom, awesome wife, and a sweetheart of a friend!

"Accidents do happen, and this new ❤/like feature is WHACK. #findanewstory #ILOVETHEWILSONS"

Should Ciara be holding Future?

Ciara also faced criticism for holding Future while pregnant - in this photo, and another taken a few days earlier, which shows her giving him a piggyback.

As we know, if you have a toddler and you're pregnant, there are times when you have no option but to pick up your child. However, the NHS and MFM's GP Dr Rob Hicks both recommend you avoid heavy lifting during pregnancy (including your toddler if you can). If you do need to hold or carry your toddler then it's best to keep it to a minimum - which Ciara probably did given that it was one shot in a photo shoot, although she's yet to reply to the critics.


We hope Ciara’s blocking out all the noise, and enjoying the last part of her pregnancy with her loved ones ?

Images: Instagram/Ciara

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