Clean teeth can improve sperm count!

If you're worried about your man's fertility, get him to pick up his toothbrush.


According to a new study, brushing teeth twice a day can boost sperm count.


The study of 56 men aged between 23 and 52 at the Bikur Holim Hospital, Jerusalem and the Hebrew University Hadassah School of Dental Medicine in Israel, found that over half of those with low sperm counts also displayed signs of developed gum disease.

The British Dental Health Foundation has advised on the back of this research, that brushing twice a day could provide a boost for fertility.


Chief executive of the Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter said:
‘Brushing your teeth may not sound sexy, but this study shows its importance to male fertility. Factor in the benefits of good oral health for an attractive smile and to stop bad breath and it’s time men picked up their toothbrush.’

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