Coleen Rooney’s post-baby diet plan

New mum is planning to use the Flexi-Bar and ‘baby nap’ workout to regain her size 10 bod

It’s been barely a week since 23-year-old Coleen Rooney and husband Wayne welcomed their son Kai Wayne into the world but new mum Coleen is wasting no time in planning her post-baby fitness regime, according to her trainer.


Before giving birth to 8lb 2oz Kai Wayne in Liverpool last week, Coleen maintained her svelte, size 10 figure with the help of healthy eating and following a fitness plan drawn up by her trainer, Elise Lindsay.

Post-baby, Coleen is reportedly keen to get started on her fitness plan, but Elise has advised her to take it slow and use her ‘baby nap’ workout. “I don’t want her to be a celebrity who suddenly drops sizes,” Elise warned. “As soon as January comes, I’ve put together a baby nap express workout which is 25 minutes and she can do it whilst the baby is asleep,” she shared with the Daily Mail.

Coleen’s trainer intends on helping her rebuild her core muscles using the Flexi-Bar. It works by sending vibrations into your muscles to make them contract when you shake it. Coleen famously admitted to using it before, claiming it helped her gain the slim size 10 figure she had before her pregnancy.


While Coleen is planning her January fitness workout, a family from Preston are amused to find out that they themselves have a little Kai Wayne in the family! After the interest in the Rooney’s baby name choice spread last week, it has been revealed that another Kai Wayne is living not too far from the new Rooney family member. The 4-year-old boy was the first Kai Wayne, and guess what? He’s a Manchester United fan!


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