Competitive dad trips up rival in son’s rugby final

Caught on camera: dad can't help himself and lends a helping foot


When your child plays sport it can be heartbreaking to watch them take a thrashing from a rival team.


But one rugby-mad dad has been caught taking matters into his own hands – or feet – the Daily Mail is reporting.

The dad was standing on the sidelines watching his son’s team, the Fullerians U16 team, take a beating by Royston Rugby Club in a teenage rugby cup final.

Opportunity then came knocking; an opposition player came running past attempting another try, and the dad stuck out his foot in the path of the player. The teenage player tripped over the foot and went flying.

The referee of the Hertfordshire Shield cup final intervened and sent the spectator off from the side of the pitch and halted the match 10 minutes before the end of the game.

Despite the incident the Royston Rugby Club U16 team was still awarded a 64-5 victory against neighbouring rivals, Fullerians.

Outraged parents and players condemned the father, believed to be a parent of one of the boys playing, who has since been been banned from the touchline by the Fullerians club.

Can you top that for competitive parenting?

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MadeForMums Writer – Jessica Gibb

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