Could hiring a nanny turn your son into a womaniser?

Having a nanny too soon introduces boys to the concept of ‘The Other Woman’, claims a psychiatrist in controversial new book


Making another woman responsible for your baby boy could shape his attitude towards women – and turn him into a womaniser when he grows up, suggests psychiatrist Dr Dennis Friedman.


“It creates a division in his mind between the woman he knows to be his natural mother and the woman with whom he has a real hands-on relationship: the woman who bathes him and takes him to the park, and with whom he feels completely at one,” Friedman told the Telegraph.

Even if a boy gets married when he grows up, “he will have at the back of his mind the notion of this other woman, who not only knows, but caters for, all his needs,” continued Friedman, talking about his book ‘An Unsolicited Gift: Why We Do What We Do’.

It seems girls who have a nanny or au pair could also be affected. According to Friedman they’re filled with a “vacuum of need”, which they may choose to fill with drink, drugs, sex or money as they grow up!

The psychiatrist believes babies have a right to a relationship with a mum who’s “100% connected”. His solution? Don’t employ a nanny until after your child’s first birthday.


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