Could Kate Middleton be pregnant with twins?

Reports surrounding The Duchess' health condition ponder whether she could be expecting more than one baby


As news continues to break about the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy, the strong sickness that Kate is suffering has prompted talk that she could be carrying twins


The Duchess is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a health condition said to be experienced by women expecting twins, although in some instances it’s more the ‘luck’ of the draw. Mothers-to-be who suffer from this condition are three times more likely to have a multiple birth than other women, research suggests.

The expectant mother was yesterday taken to King Edward VII Hospital in central London, where she is expected to stay for several days. The Duke of Cambridge was with his wife all day and was seen leaving the hospital at 8.20pm. 

The pregnancy announcement was made at 4:01pm yesterday, followed ten minutes later by a tweet from Clarence House – the first time a royal pregnancy has been confirmed by Twitter

Hyperemesis gravidarum affects fewer than four in every 1,000 pregnant women. It causes severe vomiting and can lead to dehydration and is treated by giving fluids intravenously and by anti-sickness tablets. Although it can last for a prolonged period of time, more commonly symptoms subside gradually over a period of a few months. 

The Daily Telegraph have commented that the Duchess is reportedly being treated by Marcus Setchell, the former gynaecologist to the Queen, who delivered the Countess of Wessex’s two children as well as Leo Blair, the son of the former prime minister.

Our thoughts are with Kate and Wills, and we wish Kate a speedy recovery.

By Catherine Hudson

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