Could this be the world’s youngest agony aunt?

Eve Hobsbawm, 8, has launched her own website, charging customers to solve their problems


An 8-year-old from London will answer your questions on love, life and work-life balance, for as little as 10p!


Mini entrepreneur Eve Hobsbawm has set up her own online agony aunt service and has already responded to more than 40 dilemmas.

Eve told The Guardian, “The first person I exchanged business cards with said her husband was really annoying.

“So I said, ‘It all cancels out. You might do stuff to him that’s also really annoying’. She was really impressed.”

Eve was inspired to set up her site,, by her father who runs a tech start-up. “As soon as I saw his business and understood the kinds of things businesses do, I thought that’s what I’m going to do,” she told The Guardian.

Wannabe-business mogul Eve set up her problem-solving company in December (when she was just 7), and since then has been raking in the pennies.

Here at MFM HQ we are seriously impressed! We’re thinking of putting a few of our problems to Eve – but we might have to wait for the weekend for a response as she’s announced on her site that she’s got lots of homework to do.

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