Hands up who had a fabulous Halloween? ? ?


It was definitely more treats than tricks for one family this year, when a couple decided to do a super sweet (and just a little bit spooky) gender reveal ?

Mum-to-be Melly, a member of our MadeForMums community, shared these gorgeous pics in one of our birth threads to show how she and her partner creatively revealed their baby's sex.

They carved a pumpkin with a heart-shaped door at the front which opened to reveal... a blue pepper with 'It's a boy' written on it ?


Relatives were obviously hedging their bets as to what the couple were having, as Melly wrote next to the pics:

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"We done our reveal today to all of my partners family... was 50:50 votes for girl and boy... ??"

Well, now they all know ? Huuuuuge congrats, guys!

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