Couples turn to Danish sperm donors

LEGO, bacon and pastries, now Denmark’s latest export is… sperm


Couples struggling to conceive are turning to Danish sperm donors after the number of men donating to British banks fell by half. This decrease in sperm donors came after the anonymity of the donor was removed.


The world’s biggest sperm bank, Cryos Denmark, say that Danish men are the ideal donors for UK couples because we share genetic heritage following the Viking raids of Britain between the 8th and 11th centuries.

“We are almost the same genetic background and we all speak English so it’s easier and obvious to offer a service in the UK,” said the sperm bank’s managing director, Ole Schou.

The company has 50 non-anonymous donors whose sperm has been frozen and will be ready for shipping in the next few months. Their website lists the personal details of the donors, including officers in the Danish air force, models, computer scientists and an opera singer.

“It’s obviously much harder to attract donors which are non-anonymous but we have now built up a bank of men whose sperm we can export,” Schou told the Evening Standard.


The number of British donors halved from 417 in 2005 after children were given consent to contact their donor father when they reached 18.

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