Courteney Cox Arquette’s daughter gets head lice!

Friends actress proves even superstar mums aren’t always glamorous


Even though she mixes with some of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, Courteney Cox Arquette proves that her life isn’t always so exciting – especially when treating her 5-year-old daughter for head lice!


“Recently my daughter had lice. It wasn’t fun. It became a big outbreak in the house,’ she said.

But unlike regular mums, Courteney found herself followed by paparazzi when she went to pick up supplies to fight the lice!


The 45-year-old actress suffered several miscarriages and underwent three rounds of IVF with husband David Arquette before conceiving daughter Coco. “Something has completely changed in me. I’m sure it’s after Coco. I have a life to take care of. “

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