Creative dad invents way to make 100 water balloons a minute!

Way to upscale water fights! Dad-of-8 Josh Malone from Texas has launched his invention on Kickstarter


A dad-of-8 has come up with an amazing idea that will make water fights, well, a lot wetter! His Bunch O Balloons invention fixes onto a hose and is capable of filling 37 water balloons in 20 seconds – or 100 in a minute.


Josh Malone, from Texas, was fed up of his brood struggling to fill individual balloons and tie them by hand. So he’s invented something that does all the hard work for you – and makes sure you’re battle ready with less than a minute’s notice!

“Our kids love water balloons, but the hours we wasted filling and tying balloons really sucked all the fun out of it. “But, with help from my entire family, we developed Bunch O Balloons, the best, fastest and most effective solution to preparing for a water balloon fight,” Josh said on his Kickstarter page.


The fixture works by splitting a water hose’s stream into 37 separate hoses, each of which fills a small water balloon.

Each of the pre-attached water balloons each have their own small black elastic band, so they close themselves when the user gently shakes them off of the hose.

The family business launched their invention on Kickstarter looking for $10,000 backing to put their invention into production. The Bunch O Balloons now has 7,199 backers and has raised over $249,000.

The innovative balloons should now be in production by next summer – so prepare to up your water fight game next year! 

Photos: Kickstarter / Bunch O Balloons

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