Cyclone Yasi? Now that makes a nice baby name…

Australian couple have named their daughter after the cyclone that surrounded her birth


Newborn baby girl, Dakota Yasi Blackley, will always have a little reminder of the cyclone that hit Queensland, Australia, as she was being born.


New mum Terri-Lee Levi was one of the mums-to-be to go into labour whilst cyclone Yasi struck their surroundings in Queensland. However, unlike Akiko Pruss, whose baby was delivered by an English midwife holidaying in the area, Terri-Lee and partner Michael Blackley decided to name their daughter after the cyclone.

Terri-lee and Michael wanted to have a reminder for baby Dakota of the events taking place during her extraordinary birth. They were already considering the name Yasman, which Yasi is short for, and with her being born the day the cyclone hit, “It all came together so the name seemed to be just perfect,” mum Teri-lee told NewsMail.


Despite some complications during birth and the devastation from the cyclone nearby, Dakota Yasi was delivered safely and healthily weighing just over 6lbs.

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